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Oliver Brachat

Oliver Brachat


Once a top chef, Oliver Brachat is also an experienced food stylist. Now he has chosen to focus on his number one passion – food filming and photography. After finishing his training as a chef, he worked for various top restaurants in Germany. In the 1990s he then spent two years working in gourmet establishments in the U.S.A. That was when he began photographing with his second-hand Leica camera. When he returned to Germany he no longer wanted to go back to cooking.

Luck and chance brought him to the studio of food photographer Christian Teubner in Füssen. There he discovered that he could combine the stove and the camera. He completed his second discipline, photography and began to work as a food stylist. At first he worked under a pseudonym and found he had ever more commissions from photo agencies, food magazines and cooker book publishers.

Cooking, styling and camerawork are the trio of talents that guarantee the authenticity of his art. The combination of food and photography make him one of the top professionals in his field.