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Joy Skipper FoodStyling

Joy Skipper FoodStyling

United Kingdom

Food photographer Joy Skipper, who is based in London, constantly has food on her mind. When she�s not photographing it, then she�s busy with the styling or preparations for a photo shooting. She writes about food and travels widely in search of special dishes and rare ingredients. Her blog reports her latest travels and shares nutritional advice. Sometimes she even has time to sit back and simply enjoy an excellent meal.

The trained photographer also deals with wider aspects of eating a healthy diet. She gained a degree in nutritional science and now advises athletes on the advantages of eating healthy foods ( Since she is also a passionate rower, she has firsthand knowledge of sports and nutrition.

Joy Skipper creates recipes, writes food articles and cookbooks for numerous publishers. Her list of clients includes many international companies including: Weight Watchers, Uncle Ben's and Kellogg's. Her vast experience is evident in her images. For more than 20 years Joy has been honing her talents and has developed a keen eye. She can set the scene for any dish, regardless of the world cuisine it represents.