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Don Crossland

Don Crossland


Food photographer Don Crossland is an avid cook and loves to eat. He says his stomach is what inspires him. He divides his time between Los Angeles and New York and when he's not working for one of his high profile clients, he writes for his food blog, "Shoot What You Eat."

In his images he tries to convey the emotion he feels when eating great food. People are also a source of inspiration. Don Crossland works closely with chefs and food stylists and finds great comfort in the synergy and camaraderie that ensues from creative collaboration.

He originally trained as a graphic designer and spent more than 14 years working as a designer and art director before turning to photography. He refocused his career and decided to spend his life behind the camera, specializing in food and food culture photography. This allowed him to combined his two biggest passions: beautiful images and great food.

Don loves vibrant, chromatic photos and finds that food that is either colorful or lends itself well to vibrant environment is fun to shoot. He also appreciates a challenge. "Anyone can make a pastry or cupcake look good, but, making a stew or braised vegetable look good takes a little more effort," he says. For him the biggest challenge is giving an image a sense of place and keeping it simple and uncluttered.