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Elisabeth Cölfen

Elisabeth Cölfen


Elisabeth C�lfen likes to organize her shootings and do everything herself. She buys the ingredients, cooks the dishes, does the styling and finally shoots the finished product. That way, she has full control of the project.

As a child she showed no interest in photography. She found analogue photography boring and time consuming. It wasn�t until the dawn of digital photography that she discovered the possibilities of the medium.

The photographer, who lives in Duisburg with her husband and two Labradors, is self-taught and launched her career as a food photographer in 2005. Since then she is passionately involved with everything that has to do with food. She loves subtle lighting and works in her studio with natural and artificial light. She loves to experiment with new techniques and has a real talent for recognizing new style trends.

She was one of the first photographers to discover and document the food trend �Cronut,� a pastry that�s a mix between a croissant and a donut. Her bolg, �foodphotolove� is all about her passion for good food and fabulous photos.