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Sabine Steffens

Sabine Steffens Food blogger


She has a personal hero. He stands by her side and above all he cooks for her. Sabine Steffens reports about it. The result is a loving food blog with insights into family life; it is called "Held am Herd”.

About you? I am Sabine and I can NOT cook. But I like to eat good food. I live in a small, old farm house with my husband and our three girls. Our household of drama queens also is home to a dog, which is also a girl.

You cannot cook - Why a food blog? A few years ago I stumbled upon a blog through chance and was immediately fascinated by it. To follow inspirational people with one click, to read their personal thoughts, to get insights into their lives, is wonderful. At some point I did not just want to consume, but also share my content. Since we enjoy having many guests and the topic of food has played a central role in our lives, it has become a food blog. And because I myself cannot cook, but my husband is the hero in our kitchen, the blog is called "Held am Herd".

What can we find in the blog? The blog is a bit of a diary. You will find tools and stories for cooking heroes; handmade with love and tested by passionate cooks. The food is always in the foreground, but we also often enjoy it with loving people. Which means that you can’t only read about the dishes we cook. From the small construction phases we go through to the lovely people who enter and leave our place these are the "guests in the hero kitchen." Besides, I love to share the recipes that we have especially enjoyed.

What does food mean for you and your family? For me it’s wonderful to enjoy a delicious dish of fresh, good ingredients and to drink a delicious wine. We love to sit at long tables, eat, drink and have a great time with inspiring people.

What meaning do the photos have in your blog? They have a very big meaning. For me it’s important that the dishes really look as delicious as they taste. At first, I was often frustrated because a photo wasn’t as good as I had imagined. But it is like everything else: what you do with love, care and lots of effort always gets better.

Your aim? I would like to inspire others not to cook just pasta with sauce. The best experience is to get a personal message in which someone tells you that he had cooked a particular dish and his guests were excited about it.