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Kati Neudert

Kati Neudert Food blogger


"It's all like a big adventure playground," Kati says about food blogging. She is a trained photographer and nourishes herself with a vegan diet for ethical reasons. On her blog she combines both and the outcome is wonderful.

How did you come to create the food blog? In most cases a food blogger publishes their own book at some point. With me it was the other way around. While writing my book I noticed how much fun it is to bring my own (partly collected over years) recipes into "pure form", to accentuate them with images and to make them accessible for a wide range of people. That's how the blog was born.

What do we find on your blog? First and foremost you find recipes, of course; besides that there are also some product test and product presentations. All of the topics are vegan, because this is the way I live.

What do you want to achieve? I’d like to show that vegan dishes are not highly complicated and anything but boring. And I wish, that people who have no or few experiences with the vegan kind of cooking and baking will also give it a try.

What does food mean to you? Besides the fact, that it's supposed to satisfy hunger, it means a lot more for me. In the meantime my main field of professional work is food photography. And it doesn’t get boring... There is so much to discover: ingredients, baking/cooking techniques and much more. It's all a bit like a big adventure playground.

What meaning do the photos have in your blog? They have a huge meaning. There is nothing more demotivating than recipes without images. After all, I would like to know beforehand how a dish should look like at the end before preparing it. I own one or two cook books with many recipes without illustration. I really never (!) cooked from these by myself. That's why it is especially important to me that all the dishes you see on my photos are really edible and also don’t look like they were produced from the industry. So potatoes can be in various sizes or a pizza has not to be in perfect shape.

What about you? I made an education in photography and work as a freelancer for more than 13 years. However, I started with portrait photography first and stuck my nose in the food sector only sometime after I switched to the vegan lifestyle (2010). I live with my small family in a village near Jena.