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Marion's Kaffeeklatsch

Marion's Kaffeeklatsch Food blogger


Bright and playful � this is the way Marion Strauch�s photographs of baked goods come across. The founder of the German blog �Marions Kaffeeklatsch� now shares her love of baking with us.

Traveling, caf�s, and restaurant visits brought Marion Strauch to photography. Her family outings were gladly captured with the camera and at some point, beautiful baked goods and unusual food creations were added. This gave her the motivation to stage and photograph her own cakes at home.

When her daughter Vanessa went to London for a semester abroad, Marion booked a baking course at a renowned English Cake School. After this experience, she decided to apply for the German TV show �Das Gro�e Backen� and was promptly invited for a casting. Her daughter finally had the idea that her mom should create a baking blog so that other baking fanatics could benefit from her recipes.

"I hope that I can continue baking with all my heart for a long time to come."

Marion Strauch doesn�t want to commit herself to a particular style with her photography. She is curious and likes to try out new things. However, her works are mostly bright, friendly and a bit girlish. She calls them �slightly playful� herself. Strict and dark photographs are rare in her work. Marion�s trademark is that all her cakes, macarons or cupcakes have a particularly beautiful �cut�. The inside is as important to her as the outside.

In addition to baking and photographing, city escapes are at the top of her to-do list. She also enjoys hiking and gardening. She collects baking books and enjoys reading historical books.

While traveling she gets inspiration for her blog �Marion�s Kaffeeklatsch� and collects props to add to her collection. She is inspired by magazines and regional weekly markets. When she sees the first fresh rhubarb she spontaneously thinks of a recipe and goes the market to shop. Marion only works with products that she sincerely believes in. She finds that good ingredients and great working materials always pay off.