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Arjan Smalen Photography


Arjan Smalen wants to capture the beauty of simplicity with his photography. He creates images that radiate a modern atmosphere.

The art of Arjan Smalens photography is to capture the beauty of simplicity. In collaboration with the stylist Marlies Janse, an atmosphere that is contemporary and pure is created.

Clients & projects

His clients are cookbook and magazine publishers as well as advertising and packaging agencies. For years he has worked for the Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn, as well as other grocers. He enjoys this spectrum of work. One project requires order and a structured approach, the other allows artistic freedom.

The way to food photography

Arjan Smalen lived in Italy for a year after completing the School of Photography in The Hague (Royal Academy of Arts). The beauty of Italy fueled his fascination for food. For four years he created food videos for an English film producer. Since then he has been completely dedicated to food photography.

He sees photography as his biggest hobby, and cooking has become a part of that pastime. He has found inspiration from all over the world in his travels and his hobby reflects that.