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Sabine Löscher

Sabine Löscher


Sabine Löscher loves the simple things in life: her home in the country, cooking with friends and her family. Through photography she has found a way make her imagination visible.

Photographer Sabine Löscher longs for pure nature. In an increasingly urban world she places great value on home cooked food without chemical additives and prefers a garden apple with all its imperfections to a cellophane wrapped supermarket clone.
She studied photography at the Bavarian State School for Photography (Bayerischen Staatslehranstalt für Photographie) in Munich. Even as a student she found herself drawn to the beauty in small things and longed to show the original, pure and unaltered things in life.
For Sabine photography is more than a source of income. It is her true vocation and she sees life through an inner camera that thrives on new discoveries. She lives in the Bavarian countryside, surrounded by nature. When she isn’t shooting, preferably outside in natural light, she’s hunting for props at country sales and rural flea markets.
Her forays into the world of second hand treasures have turned her taste to upcycling and D-I-Y projects. To create something new out of old discarded objects is not only a creative challenge for Sabine Löscher, but an alternative to mass consumerism. Her popular step-by-step photo series for D-I-Y projects are the result.