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Renée Comet


Her cupcakes are eye-catching. Her desserts are divine. The crisp confidence with which Renee Comet handles her camera can make a slice of sweet potato look sophisticated, and a complex meal seem simple. She’s responsible for shelf after shelf of well-known cookbooks, not to mention a host of high-powered advertising campaigns. Comet, who lives in Washington D.C., has vast experience and her chic take on food styling have made her into one of the most sought-after names in American commercial photography.

In fact it’s rare to find a photographer more versatile. Comet’s action shots are full of vigour, with leaping flames, steam rising and streams of liquid. In contrast, her still-life compositions have a wonderful serenity. You can also look to her work for visual wit, while you’re sure to enjoy the clarity of her cut-outs and step-by-step sequences. Take a look now and see for yourself why Renee Comet is so well worth getting to know.