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Frank Sanchez

Frank Sanchez


Frank Sánchez discovered photography at an early age. His mother gave him his first camera – a Russian Zenith – when he was 12 years old. The young Frank Sánchez thus began shooting photos in Cuba, the land of his birth, in black and white because it was the only film available.

The Zenith went with him everywhere and the pockets of his jacket were always filled with rolls of film – at least until the era of digital cameras dawned. By that time Frank Sánchez had moved to Ecuador. There, amid the unique landscape and cultural diversity of that country, his talent flourished. In Ecuador he gave himself totally to his passion for photography and began his first attempts at food photography. These were the most exciting years of his professional life.

When you meet Frank Sánchez today he no longer carries his Zenith with him but his new digital camera is always at hand.